Support Kills Cancer w/ Kae Williams

Ulysses Kae Williams 111 son of 70’s funk band Piano player and writer, Kae Williams jr who’s father is legendary WDAS DJ Kae Williams Sr. was born with large shoes to feel. Tho the industry and drugs stunted the growth of the men before him Ulysses still managed to become a successfully Entrepreneur opening his own barbershop the Classics in 2008, located in the heart of South Philly 2116 south broad street the Classics Barbershop has transformed into the Classics Hub which is a Barber Shop, Salon, Kitchen, and Printshop all under 1 roof. Tho he is a successful entrepreneur Ulysses is more known for his work in the community which includes, Classics back to school drive where he helps about 100 kids a year get prepared for school with free cuts, books bags and a tone of school supplies. Also, the classics prom send-off in which students write an essay to win a full prom experience which includes prom tickets, hair nails, dress and tux topped off with transportation 2 and from the prom. In September 2019 Ulysses was Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which many people chalked up as a deaf sentence. Now Ulysses is a few steps away from being cancer-free on the verge of opening 2 news business Jawn space & Fresh jawn which is a kitchen dedicated to helping inner-city pro properly nurse their body. Now Ulysses has dedicated the 2nd chance at life he has to help people battle cancer and making his community better.

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