“We TEAch kids of all ages that life is an Airport, “and” they are the Airplanes…”

Cleous “GloWry” Young is an eccentric individual when it comes to conveying a message through the means of imparting wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and general information. He is what you refer to as “The Educer!” For those unfamiliar with this term, it is derived from the etymology of the word education, which is often etymologized from the Latin words Educare or Educo. This means to ‘Draw out or ‘Bring out in layman’s terms. Young is a specialist in cultivating activities, presentations, experiments, and dialogues to bring out the best in people.


  • Migrated from St. Thomas, Jamaica in 1994, Young lived most of his life in the United States with frequent trips returning to Jamaica to reconnect with his roots.
  • Young is now regarded as a specialist when it comes to ‘educing’ his audience. Having released his innovative children’s book, The Airport Adventure, LiVe Safely Book-A-Zine and his unusual Book Tasting Community and Family Engagement event in 2021,
  • Young is the Founder and President of The TEB-IT Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit that specializes in delivering Universal Safety.
  • Former fourth grade Math Teacher.
  • Children’s author of ten books including, The Prophetic Artist, The Mountain of Miracles, Do Your Best, The Four Fisherwomen, I AM BIGinner, The Magical Rug, and The Airport Adventure.
  • Playwright, Director and Producer of several social justice theatrical productions such as, The Bullying Effect, The Garbage Can 1, 2 & 3, and I Need U 2 Survive.
  • Creator of the Kite Family and Kite Mantra.
  • Three times Presenter/Speaker at United Nations and Alumni to the Clinton Global Initiatives (CGIU).
  • Earned magna cum laude degrees in Computer Technology and Human Services & Psychology. Along with gained personal Landmark developmental trainings and an elementary school behavioral therapist.
  • Discovered unique ways of looking at ‘The Airport.’ Through his own life-threatening circumstance and 2018 Black Box healing experience, Young now focuses on the airport as a healing modality rather than just a transportation hub to carry passengers or goods to a new destination.
  • Cleous “Glowry” Young has discovered to be his life’s ultimate satisfaction may appear unusual. His ability to translate airport principles into simplified personal and social decisions in everyday life is clear evidence that he is ‘The EduCer!”

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