talking to oneself is a habit everyone indulges
in we could no more stop talking to ourselves and
we could stop eating and drinking all that we can
do is control the nature and the direction of our
inner conversation most of us are totally unaware
of the fact that our inner conversations are the
causes of the circumstances of our life we are
told that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he
but do we know that man’s thinking follows the
tracks laid down in his own inner conversations
to turn the tracks to which he is tied
in the direction in which he wants to go
he must put off his former conversation
which is called in the bible the old man
and be renewed in the spirit of his mind speech
is the image of mind therefore to change his mind
he must first change his speech by speech is
meant those mental conversations we carry on
with ourselves the world is a magic circle
of infinite possible mental transformations
for they are an infinite number of possible
mental conversations when man discovers the
creative power of inner talking he will realize
his function and his mission in life then he can
act to a purpose without such knowledge he acts
unconsciously everything is a manifestation of
the mental conversations which go on in us without
our being aware of them but as civilized beings we
must become aware of them and act with a purpose
a man’s mental conversations attracts his life as
long as there is no change in his inner talking
the personal history of the man remains the same
to attempt to change the world before we change
our inner talking is to struggle against the very
nature of things man can go round and round in
the same circle of disappointments and misfortunes
not seen them as caused by his own negative inner
talking but as caused by others this may seem
far-fetched but it is a matter which lends itself
to research and experiment the formula the chemist
illustrates is not more certainly provable than
the formula of this science by which words are
clothed in objective reality one day a girl
told me of her difficulties in working with
her employer she was convinced that he unjustly
criticized and rejected her very best efforts
upon hearing her story i explained that if she
thought him unfair it was a sure sign that she
herself was in need of a new conversation piece
there was no doubt that she was mentally arguing
with her employer for others only echo that which
we whispered to them in secret she confessed that
she argued with him mentally all day long
when she realized what she had been doing
she agreed to change her inner conversations
with her employer she imagined that he had
congratulated her on her fine work and that she in
turn had thanked him for his praise and kindness
to her great delight she soon discovered that her
own attitude was the cause of all that befell her
the behavior of her employer reversed itself
it echoed as it had always done our mental
conversations with him i rarely see a person
alone without wondering to what conversation
peace is he tied on what mysterious threat is he
walking we must begin to take life consciously
for the solution of all problems lies just in this
the second man the lord from heaven in all of us
is trying to become self-conscious in the body
that he may be about his father’s business what
are his labors to imitate his father to become
master of the word master of his inner talking
that he may mow this world of ours into
a likeness with the kingdom of love
the prophet said be ye imitators of god
as dear children how would i imitate god
well we are told that god calls things that are
not seen as though they were seen and the unseen
become seen this is the way the girl called
forth praise and kindness from her employer
she carried on an imaginary conversation with
her employer from the premise that he had praised
her with and he did our inner conversations
represent in various ways the world we live
in our individual worlds are self-revelations of
our own inner speech we are told that every idle
word that men shall speak they shall give a [ __ ] thereof for by their words they shall be justified
and by their words they shall be condemned we
abandon ourselves to negative inner talking
yet expect to retain command of life our present
mental conversations do not recede into the past
as man believes they advance into the future
to confront us as wasted or invested words
my word said the prophet shall not return unto me
born but it shall accomplish that which i please
and it shall prosper in all the things whereto i
sent him how would i say my word to help a friend
i would imagine that i am hearing his voice
that he is physically present that my hand
is on him i would then congratulate him on his
good fortune tell him that i have never seen
him look better i would listen as though i heard
him i would imagine that he is telling me he has
never felt better he has never been happier and i
would know that in this loving knowing communion
with another a communion populous with loving
thoughts and feelings that my word was sent
and it shall not return unto me void but it
shall prosper in the thing whereto i sent it
now is the accepted time now is the day of
salvation it is only what is done now that
counts even though its effects may not be
visible until tomorrow we call not allowed
but by an inner effort of intense attention
to listen attentively as though you heard
is to create the events and relationships of life
are your word made visible most of us rob others
of their willingness and their ability to be kind
and generous by our fixed attitudes towards them
our attitudes unfold within us in
the form of mental conversations
in a talking from premises our fulfilled desire
is the way to consciously create circumstances
our inner conversations are perpetually
outpictured or wrongest in happiness therefore
what we desire to see and hear without we must
see and hear within for the whole manifested world
goes to show us what use we have made of the
word if you practice this art of controlled inner
speaking you too will know what a thrill it is
to be able to say and now i have told you before
it come to pass that when it is come to pass he
might believe you will be able to consciously use
your imagination to transform and channel the
immense creative energies of your inner speech
from the mental emotional level to the physical
level and i do not know what limits if any there
are to such a process what is your aim does
your inner talking match it it must you know
if you would realize your aim or as the prophet
asked can two walk together except they be agreed
and of course the answer is no they cannot the
two who must agree are your inner conversation
and the state desired that is what you desire to
see and hear without you must see and hear within
every stage of man’s progress is made by
the conscious exercise of his imagination
matching his inner speech to his fulfilled desire
as we control our inner talking matching it to
our fulfilled desires we can lay aside all other
processes then we simply act by clear imagination
and intention we imagine the wish fulfilled and
carry on mental conversations from that premise
the right inner speech is the speech that would be
yours for you to realize your ideal in other words
it is the speech of fulfilled desire now
you will understand how wise the ancient was
when he told us in the hermetica they are two
gifts which god has bestowed upon men alone
and on no other mortal creature these two are
mind and speech and the gift of mind and speech
is equivalent to that of immortality if a man
uses these two gifts rightly he will differ in
nothing from the immortals and when he quits
his body mind and speech will be his guides
and by them you will be brought into the troop of
the gods and the souls that have attained to bliss
with the gift of mind and speech you create
the conditions and circumstances of life in the
beginning was the word and the word was with god
and the word was god the word said hermes is son
and mind is father of the word they
are not separate one from the other
for life is the union of word and mind you and
your inner talking or word are one if your mind
is one with your inner conversation then to
be transformed in mind is to be transformed
in conversation it was a flash of the deepest
insight that taught paul to write put off the
former conversation the old man which is corrupt
and be renewed in the spirit of your mind
put on the new man put on the new man and be
renewed in the spirit of your mind is to change
your inner conversation for speech and mind
are one a change of speech is a change of mind
the prophet samuel said the lord spake by me and
his word was in my tongue if the lord’s word was
in the prophet’s tongue then the lord’s mouth
that uttered the word must be the prophet’s mind
for inner conversations originate in the mind and
produce little tiny speech movements in the tongue
the prophet is telling us that the mouth
of god is the mind of man that our inner
conversations are the word of god creating
life about us as we create it within ourselves
in the bible you are told that the word is very
near to you in your mouth and in your heart that
you may do it see i have set before you this day
life and good death and evil blessings and cursing
choose life the conditions and circumstances of
life are not created by some power external to
yourself they are the conditions which result
from the exercise of your freedom of choice
your freedom to choose the ideas to which you
will respond now is the accepted time this
is the day of salvation whatsoever things are
of good report think on these things for your
future will be formed by the word of god which is
your present inner talking you create your future
by your inner conversation the worlds were framed
by the word of god that is your inner talking
see on the fields the session was cecile the corn
was corn the silence in the darkness knew so is
a man’s faith born for ends run true to origin
if you would reap success you must plan success
the idea in your mind which starts the whole
process going is the idea which you accept as true
this is a very important point to grasp for
truth depends upon the intensity of imagination
not upon facts when the girl imagined that her
employer was unfair his behavior confirmed her
imagination when she changed her assumption
of him his behavior reflected the chain
proving that an assumption though false if
persisted in will harden into fact the mind always
behaves according to the assumption with which
it starts therefore to experience success we must
assume that we are successful we must live wholly
on the level of the imagination itself and it
must be consciously and deliberately undertaken it
does not matter if at the present moment external
facts deny the truth of your assumption if you
persist in your assumption it will become a fact
signs follow they do not proceed to assume
a new concept of yourself is to that extent
to change your inner talking or word of
god and is therefore putting on the new man
our inner talking though unheard by others
is more productive of future conditions than
all the audible promises and threats of men your
ideal is waiting to be incarnated but unless you
yourself offer it human parentage it is incapable
of birth you must define the person you wish to be
and then assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled
in faith that that assumption will find expression
through you the true test of religion is in its
use but may have made it a thing to defend it
is to you that the words are spoken blessed is she
that believe for there shall be an accomplishment
of those things which are spoken unto her from the
lord test it try it conceive yourself to be one
that you want to be and remain faithful to that
conception for life here is only a training ground
for image making try it and see if life will not
shape itself on the model of your imagination
everything in the world bears witness of the use
or misuse of man’s inner talking negative inner
talking particularly evil and envious inner
talking are the breeding ground of the future
battlefields and penitentiaries of the world
through habit man has developed a secret affection
for these negative inner conversations through
then he justifies failure criticizes his neighbors
gloats over the distress of others and in general
pours out his venom and all such misuse of the
word perpetuates the violence of the world the
transformation of self requires that we meditate
on a given phrase a phrase which implies that
our ideal is realized and inwardly affirm it
over and over and over again until we are inwardly
affected by its implication until we are possessed
by it hold fast to your noble inner convictions
or conversations nothing can take them from you
but yourself nothing can stop them from becoming
objective facts all things are generated out of
your imagination by the word of god which is your
own inner conversation and every imagination reaps
its own words which it has inwardly spoken
the great secret of success is a controlled
inner conversation from premises of fulfilled
desire the only price you pay for success is the
giving up of your former conversation which
belongs to the old man the unsuccessful man
the time is right for many of us to take conscious
charge in creating heaven on earth to consciously
and voluntarily use our imagination to inwardly
hear and say only that which is in harmony with
our ideal is actively bringing heaven to earth
every time we exercise our imagination lovingly
on behalf of another we are literally mediating
god to that one always use your imagination
masterfully as a participant not an onlooker in
using your imagination to transform energy from
the mental emotional level to the physical level
extend your senses look and imagine that you are
seeing what you want to see that you are hearing
what you want to hear i’m touching what you want
to touch become intensely aware of doing so give
your imaginary state all the tones and feeling
of reality keep on doing so until you arouse
within yourself the mood of accomplishment and
the feeling of relief this is the active voluntary
use of the imagination as distinguished from the
passive involuntary acceptance of appearances it
is by this active voluntary use of the imagination
that the second man the lord from heaven is
awakened in man men call imagination a plaything
the dream faculty but actually it is the very
gateway of reality imagination is the way to the
state desired it is the truth of the state desired
and the life of that state desire could you
realize this fully then would you know that what
you do in your imagination is the only important
thing within the circle of our imagination the
whole drama of life is being enacted over and
over again through the bold and active use of
the imagination we can stretch out our hand and
touch a friend ten thousand miles away and bring
health and wealth to the parched lips of his being
it is the way to everything in the world how else
could we function beyond our fleshly limitations
but imagination remains of us are full
of living of our dreams in the present
through the portals of the present the whole of
thai must pass imagine elsewhere as here and then
as now try it and see you can always tell if you
succeeded in making the future dream a present
fact by observing your inner talking if you are
inwardly saying what you would audibly say were
you physically present and physically moving
about in that place then you have succeeded
and you could prophesy it from these inner
conversations and from the moods which they
awakened within you what your future will be
for one power alone makes a profit imagination
the divine vision all that we meet is our word
made visible and what we do not now comprehend
is related by affinity to the unrecognized
forces of our own inner conversations
and the moods which they arouse within us if we
do not like what is happening to us it is a sure
sign that we are in need of a change of mental
dying for man we are told lives not by bread alone
but by every word that proceeds from the mouth
of god and having discovered the mouth of god
to be the mind of man a mind which lives on
word or inner talking we should feed into our
minds only loving noble thoughts for with
words or inner talking we build our world
let love’s lordly hand raise your hunger and this
to all that is noble and of good report and let
your mind starve air you raise your hand to a cup
love did not fill or a bowl love did not bless
that you may never again have to say what have i
said what have i done o all powerful human words

so suspend them just for a moment and
try this technique what would the
feeling be like
how would i feel if they were true
that i am already the man that i would
like to be
and if i am how would i see my friends
and how would they see me
it’s all within us
so let my wonderful human imagination
see them as they would have to see me if
it were true
bring into my mind’s eye and let them
see me
and let them talk to me and let them
congratulate me on my good fortune
and don’t duck i accept the
congratulations of your friends
if they really mean it
actually play the part all within
and then
believe it one hundred percent
as we are told in john’s letter
the fifth chapter of his first epistle
if we believe that he hears us
in all that we ask of him
then we know that we have
obtained the request
made of him
well if you get the right guard you have
no doubts in your mind as to whether he
heard you or not for you know you heard
it and that’s god
but if you’re not quite sure that he
heard it because there are three
billions talking to him baking
well then you may be not quite sure that
he heard you
maybe you don’t think you’re good enough
but you can’t deny that you hear your
own mind
you hear your own inner conversation you
hear your own inner speech well if you
know that one is god well then you are
sure he heard you
now you are told in that fifth chapter
the 15th verse
our first epistle of john
if we know
that he hears us in all that we ask of
then we know
that we have already obtained the
request made of him
well all right there’s an interval
that imaginal act and this fulfillment
as there is between the creative action
of a man and the birth of that child
every little thing has an interval of
time between the act
and this fulfillment
a horse will take
12 months
a woman takes nine months
the little
sheep will take five months
a chicken will take
21 days
there are intervals of time so the bible
teaches every vision has its own
appointed hour
it ripens it will flower
if it be late then wait for it is sure
and it will not be late
different intervals of time
so it may take me a longer time
in this case with this man
two months
to bring back four thousand who were
put his mind at rest that he doesn’t
have now to feel that he’s gonna be
fired he can put in now the extra
time only a little while three years and
two months will complete his 30 years
with jones and lachlan
and then what’s a man of his age six
more years and then social security so
he’d have both
if it happened now he wouldn’t have it
he would be cut on social security and
he would be let out without a good
retirement fund
so she goes back
and she reminds him that it happened
before he couldn’t afford the roof for
the house
and she said i will see the roof on the
i remember when it needed a roof
and so she simply remember she told him
i recall telling you i remember waiting
he needed it
soon after something happened in his
work he got the money and the roof is on
the wife wanted an organ
couldn’t afford the organ all right she
said i remember when you didn’t have one
she has the organ and she took one after
the other of all these things
he still
with all the evidence in the world he is
still working on some outside god
he thinks he’s doing the wrong thing
he feels that if perchance that man is
simply a devil incarnate
and he’s taking me from my real god
which means something external to
himself that he fashions out of his own
mind and passions with his hand because
all these little nonsenses that you buy
and stick them up as holy objects first
of all no artist really ever designed
they said offense to speak of an artist
when you see these horrible monstrous
monstrosities that we buy and stick
around the place and call them religious
find who he is he is the living god he
is our dead god
you want to find
read the 115th psalm
about the kind of gods that men worship
the whole psalm is devoted to the false
god that the whole vast world worships
he has eyes but he sees not
bears and he hears not feet and he walks
out hands and he touches not
just a dead thing made by human hands
when the living god is within man
as his own wonderful human imagination
so i tell you that all that you behold
though it appears without it is within
in your own wonderful human imagination
of which this world of mortality is but
a shadow
all things exist in the human
and everything you see as an objective
was produced by imagining
think of one thing just think of one
that would simply deny it
you can’t think of one thing
so you go to the moon you first had to
imagine it
had to imagine everything concerning the
machine that took you to the moon
everything in the world first has to be
and then executed all right the
intelligence to do it will come but you
take the blueprint first and conceive it
and dwell in it as though it were true
and no power on earth can stop it from
becoming self
your visions will clarify itself at
it’s a different kind of a night
your days are different you see people
you can’t walk by any man and not seem
god incarnate
you can’t do it
even if he has the most horrible
and he said simply well a murderer and
it’s proven that he is you still see god
incarnate but so some to sleep the poor
thing doesn’t know
if you can only just get to it and show
him that he really is god incarnate
and the one he thought he killed is re
he’s been restored to life not
to the senses of man but he is restored
in a world just like this
terrestrial just like this
about his business he continues his work
until he too awakens from this dream of
but all will awaken eventually but why
not start now
start now to tell man who he really is
god and man are one
man is all imagination
and god is bad
and exists in us and we in him
the eternal body of man is the
and that is god
nothing but god in the universe
all god
and eventually you and i will awake
because god is one not two
you and i are one
without loss of identity that’s one of
the strangest mysteries in the world
without loss of identity we are one
i know that from my own personal
experience we are one
and yet i am individualized and you are
and retain forever and forever
toward ever greater and greater
and yet we are one
and i will bring that out
to the best of my ability as we
you will hear it
but tonight
if you’re here for the first time and
you want something practical
you apply what i’ve told you
first have an objective
you must have a objective
you can say well i don’t know what i
want well all right
come back the next time
ask yourself what would i like of life
don’t be ashamed
to name it what would i like of life
well then
try to get some objective
prayer as far as i’m concerned is
nothing more than the subjective
appropriation of the objective hope
that is the way to success
i appropriate it subjectively how do i
appropriate a state subjectively
well suppose now this very moment
i wanted a ball an ordinary baseball
but there isn’t a baseball in the room
all right but i want one
i would actually assume that i am
holding a baseball in my hand until i
could feel it
you think you can’t feel it well now try
try to feel what it would be like if you
held a baseball
now to prove that you have held it
see what it feels like the difference
a tennis ball see any difference
or like a golf ball see any difference
a piece of silk you feel any difference
if you can distinguish between these
many objects though they are subjective
then there must exist somewhere
if you can actually separate them in
your mind’s eye and distinguish between
these objects
i can begin to feel
begin to sense begin to smell a rose
well a rose doesn’t smell
or doesn’t actually have the odour of
another flower
i can detect the rose
now a lily an easter lily
i can detect that
but what does it do well i’m going to
get them
someone will think of neville and send
him a flower
and it’s going to be the flower that i’m
going to actually feel and touch and
it works that way
money has an odor it’s unlike any out in
the world is more fragrant to the miser
than the most marvelous perfume in the
he can tell it
you put a money bag to his face and it’s
like putting roses to mind
he loves it
he can smell money
you can feel it money has a distinct
feel about it
put a twenty dollar bill in your hand
and ask you to feel it and then put
another piece of paper in your hand and
you can tell the difference
there’s a difference it is an odor to it
all this is part of the inner man that
all things are possible to him
try it before you condemn it try it and
if you have the evidence to support
my claim but that it doesn’t matter what
the world will tell you
if he laughs at you so what
so the last of everyone who had an idea
that seemed a little bit
always laughed at him
the left of the idea of going to the
moon well now it’s an accomplished fact
there’s still those who won’t believe it
happens you know
because they don’t want to believe that
it ever happened
those who said you couldn’t go down and
actually live underwater now we have a
there are still those who won’t believe
you can present them with all the facts
in the world
and they won’t believe it
so i tell you you try it first and if it
proves itself in performance it doesn’t
really matter what the whole that world
go about your father’s business which is
and then live a full and wonderful life
in this world of caesar
and the day will come you’ll actually
depart this world
i mean this age
because those who are departing it now
unless they are awakened
they still find themselves in a world
just like this
but those who have awakened who have
experienced the second birth the birth
from above find themselves in an
entirely different age
where they’re all imagination
and they are perfect
and wherever they go everything is
they don’t have to raise a finger to
make anything perfect
because they’re perfect all things must
conform to this for their person
that’s heaven
so heaven is not an area it’s not a
realm it’s a body
and when that body is awakened within
you which is the wonderful human
imagination completely awake
then wherever you go clothed in that
body that is completely awake everything
is perfect
if you found yourself
in a forest
dead trees
that all burst into foliage
in the desert it would all bloom like
the rose
because you are there
no blind man deaf man
no handicapped man could stand in your
presence he will be instantly
into a perfect man because you’re
that’s heaven
it’s harmony
so it’s not a place where you’re going
to go
poorly streets and all that nonsense no
it’s just simply you in a world that is
perfect because you are perfect
and the day will come you will awaken
that body with him in you now
that body is in you but it’s sung to
one day you will experience the
and you’ll know the mystery of the
you rise and you rise within yourself
for the grave in which christ is buried
because the lord is buried is your own
that’s where he’s buried
and in that tomb where he is buried one
day he will awake
and he will come out of that tomb
and it’s you who comes out the film
and you’ll know who you are
he is buried in every child in the world
this universal being
and yet one
millions of us and yet only one lord and
that one lord in his fullness is buried
in you individually
and when you awaken you are he
so tonight take
a go
make it a lovely girl
either for yourself or for another
any time that you exercise your
imagination lovingly on behalf of
another you’re mediating god to that
so bring a friend before your mind’s eye
representing yourself as the man or the
woman that you would like them to be
and don’t tell them
as for no praise
just assume that they’re talking to you
and telling you the most marvelous news
about themselves
and you congratulate them on that good
and go
your own way believe in the reality of
that imaginal act
it may happen tomorrow
it may happen the day after or a week
later or a month later it has its own
appointed hour and it is rising and it’s
going to flower so don’t be concerned
leave it alone
and it will come to pass
so this is what i mean by feeling is the
i catch the mood the feeling that would
be mine if
i were what i want to be
i don’t touch something i can if i want
to but it’s the new i’m speaking of
what would the feeling be like
if she were well
if she were this
and then you catch it just as though
it is true
you always go to the end and the end is
where you begin
you’re always imagining ahead of our
evidence so go to the end
until the end
and then dwell in that end even though
reason denies it and your sense is
you turn your back upon the doubters
that is your senses and what reason
dictates that’s the hell of the devil or
satan in the world that’s the delta
so you turn your back upon it
and then you walk as though things were
as you want them to be
and living in that assumption
it slowly hardens into fact
even though at the moment of the
assumption it was denied by reason
an assumption though false if persisted
in will harden into fact
so you learn to assume and learn to
persist in the assumption and it will
come to pass

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