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If you purchased your domain with Sir please skip this step. If your domain is with another domain provider please contact them and have them point your domain to our servers. For help call our support team at (480) 624-2500 and say “I WANT TO CONNECT MY DOMAIN TO MY WORDPRESS.” IMPORTANT: If you have emails connected to your domain let our support team know that. We will need to only point your IP address over. There is a $30 fee if you need us to do this step for you.


Visit google.com/analytics and sign up using your normal gmail login info. Go through the steps of setting it up. Upload your tracking ID to our project manager. Example: UA-1234567-8


Please provide us with color codes. Your website colors should reflect or pair with your logo. What colors do you want for your site? Click here to view color codes.


Your logo should be in PNG format with no background. This will allow us to put it on top of something without a white box around it.

Need a graphic designer to help?

Here are our graphic designers. Please feel free to call or email them to get your idea rolling! You will be paying them directly. Please keep in mind these are referrals and none of the below contacts work for Live Sircuit/Sir-Anthony Spease. You will be working with them at your own risk, however Sir has vetted each one personally! Just tell them Sir sent you from Live Sircuit!

Graphic Designers:


You must submit a slogan/tagline or your website will read in the browser “Just another WordPress site” – Example: New album in stores now, Official site of YourName & Go hard or go home


If you would like to collect email you must have a bulk email provider. We recommend mailchimp.com & mailmunch.co. You must sign up for both in order for it to work. If you have ConstantContact.com that will work also!


What pages/tabs do you want on your website? Please note for every page/tab you want you must provide us with the content for that page. You can always add pages/tabs later!


We recommend you use SoundCloud to host your audio files. If you want to host your own files please submit them in MP3 format ONLY! If you want any videos on your site they are required to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Please upload links/files to Sir’s project manager.


You must upload your pictures to Sir’s project manager. Please make sure you have permission to use the pictures. If not the person who owns the copyrights can have your website removed from the internet until you remove the picture. You can be sued for using someone’s pictures without their permission. Need stock photos? We can provide stock photos for $29.99.
IMPORTANT: Do not save pictures from Facebook or Instagram. These pictures will be to small. Please submit all pictures in JPEG format and at least 1500px wide.


Do you want your social network links on your website? Do you want your social network feeds on your website? Please note if you want any social network feeds on your website you must provide us with your login info. You can NOT change your username or password once we connect it to your website. If you change your username/password you will disconnect your social network feed and a error message will appear on your website.


Please send us the theme & layout you want us to use on your site. After you picked a theme please buy the theme and send us your license number. Please note: Sir can build your site without a license number however after a few months, your site may need to be updated and we would need to request an updated version of the theme in order to update your site. At this point the developer will ask for your license number before sending you the update.

These are the only 2 themes we build on: Click here Avada & NewsMag


Please pick which header you would like for your website.


14. BLOG


Please visit google.com/apps to setup your email account(s). There is a $5 per month fee to have this service. This is NOT a fee you pay to us. You will be paying Google every month. After you signup, send Sir the HTML file by uploading it to our project manager!