My name is Steven and I was born and raised in Lawncrest on the Northeast side of Philly where every day there were drama and senseless shootings. I started rapping at the age of 15 with my lil brother Steve and my cousin Ice. We never really took it seriously, we would always play around with it saying anything that came to our heads. We would go to studios and record with my cousin Ice until, unfortunately, he got locked up. By the age of 16, me and my brother got kicked out of the house and we started living with my uncle in West Philly. He took care of us and made sure we were cool. My uncle would fix houses for a living doing construction and he gave us a job so we could provide for ourselves, so we took the opportunity and made it happen.

7 years have gone by. I turned 23 and my brother is 22 and has 2 kids living in the projects and I have been living with my girl in West Philadelphia for about 7 months, but things did not work out with her, so I left her the house and moved back with my uncle in Frankford where there were nothing but crackheads and drug dealers everywhere. I started making friends around Frankford and became very well known around the neighborhood, gaining the name Pablo and getting caught in the game of life. For 3 months, I had been living with one of my friends down in North Philly in Somerset and we were selling drugs and doing the most just to survive, and I lived there for almost a year and one day I came from chilling with my uncle and his sister told me he had been locked up for a robbery that went wrong.
I couldn’t pay the bills with the little hustle money I had, so I was forced to go back with my uncle in Frankford. When I turned 25 and my little brother turned 24, him and his baby mom were shot and killed in their house while he was holding his son. After he died, I started to take my rap more seriously, so I told my uncle let’s make a record label and go 50/50 and I promised him I would stay out of the streets and we did it. I put a song on YouTube called “Pablo Hood Legacy” that I never really promoted because I felt like it wasn’t good enough, but I needed something out at the time, so I put it out. My god dad, who owns a record label, linked me up with my god sister Adrienne and she worked with us. Building the record label got me photoshoots and had me in the studio for days at a time. A couple of months after we got the record label official, I made a song called “GO MODE” that came out in March. What really inspired me to make the song was my little brother, because he would always tell me, man you need a turn up song, and I told him no, so he challenged me before he had passed away. So I decided to make a song you can vibe to and turn up to.


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